broken heartedAre you recovering from a break-up? Are you still reeling from the pin of being left alone? Is everyone telling you to move on, but you find yourself still stuck in limbo? Well, there is no quick-fix for it, but many people have this idea of going on solo travel just so you can deal with the pain with a fresh perspective.

So here’s the first thing you need to do: muster up enough courage to go on that solo trip. Never mind what other people say. Never mind if they’re telling you that he’s found a new love. Just get that ticket, and fly to the country you’ve always wanted to see. Some people have the adventure of a lifetime in Amsterdam. (Tip: remember to use the Anne Frank Museum I Amsterdam Card, and the Madame Tussauds Amsterdam VIP Tickets.) If you’d like to be different, however, you can definitely try Los Angeles. After all, there’s no harm in seeing the City of Angels for yourself, is there?


Tips When Touring Los Angeles

city of angelsOn a more serious note, touring a city for the first time does entail a lot of responsibilities. (Yes, even if you’re doing the whole touring thing with a broken heart, it doesn’t excuse you at all.) There are a few tips which can help you in your touring, so that you don’t get caught up in unnecessary stress while you’re busy nursing and dealing with your brokenness. Make sure that you’re paying attention right now.

One thing, you have to know the weather. The weather in Los Angeles can be a pretty tricky and fickle thing. Not nearly as fickle as your ex, of course, but it definitely comes a close second. One moment you’re feeling the summer warmth, but then as you get to the beach you’re suddenly faced with the cool air, which does nothing but remind you of how he suddenly went from warm to cold in just a matter of months. But hey, you’re in a different country, so nobody’s complaining. The point is this: know the weather.

Another thing, you have to know the geography. Los Angeles covers a huge area, spanning five counties. Yes, makes you wish he had that much room in his heart, right? But you don’t really have to think about that so much, just pick one of these two option: first, specify what you want to do in Los Angeles so that you can plot out your routes, or second, determine the place where you’ll be staying in Los Angeles, and visit the attractions in that area.

At the end of the day, going on a solo trip will be good for the brokenhearted tourist. After all, love might just be waiting in the next corner.